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There Will Be No Selling Of Masai Land To Arabs Vows...

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzania’s president has vowed never to evict the Masai people from their traditional lands, which activists claimed were threatened by plans for a hunting reserve for wealthy Arabs. “There has never been, nor will there ever be any plan by the government of Tanzania to evict the Maasai people from their ancestral land,” President Jakaya Kikwete said in a message on Twitter on Sunday.

Calls For Sudan To End Arab Minority Rule

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudan needs to give real power to all its ethnic groups to end regional rebellions that still plague it two years after South Sudan broke away, a new opposition movement says.

Don’t Call Us Tribes: Neo-Liberal Thinking and the Problem of Politicised...

AFRICANGLOBE - In insisting on referring to Africa's ethnic groups as 'tribes' and publishing the idea that the continent's woes have their origins in the tribalism of its leadership and its peoples, we collaborate in a degrading and demeaning description of Africans

UN Report Accuses Mali Army of Targeting Arabs and Tuaregs

AFRICANGLOBE - The recent military intervention in northern Mali has been followed by a serious escalation of retaliatory violence by Government soldiers who appeared to be targeting members of various ethnic groups perceived to be supportive of the armed groups, a senior United Nations official warned today.

Does Stereotypes Affect The Achievements Level Of Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - The academic achievement gap between different ethnic groups has long been a characteristic of the American educational system.  Recent research has begun...