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What About Eugene De Kock’s Victims?

AFRICANGLOBE - Eugene De Kock conducted operations where African leaders were burnt alive and had their hands and body parts chopped off and stored in bottles while their assassins were having a barbecue and beers nearby. This is the man who, while smoking a cigarette, could smash his victim’s head against the concrete wall of a torture chamber until the brain oozed out of the victim’s fractured skull.

White Power In SA: Apartheid Death Squad Commander Eugene de Kock...

AFRICANGLOBE - The apartheid-era death squad leader known as “Prime Evil” for organising the murder and torture of anti-apartheid activists is to be freed from prison. Eugene de Kock, now 66, was sentenced to life in jail plus 212 years for the numerous crimes he committed in the 1980s and 1990s but has now been granted parole after two decades behind bars.

South Africa Considers Parole For Apartheid Era Death Squad Leader Who...

AFRICANGLOBE - Eugene de Kock, 65, was arrested in 1994 on an array of charges from murder to kidnapping related to his time as commander of a notorious police unit based at the Vlakplaas farm near Pretoria. The site became synonymous with the killing and torture of Africans in an underground war against African political activists.

South Africa To Consider Parole For Apartheid Era Death Squad Leader

AFRICANGLOBE - Eugene de Kock, head of a covert police unit that tortured and killed dozens of anti-apartheid activists, was arrested in 1994, confessed to crimes and was sentenced in 1996 to two life terms plus another 212 years. After 20 years in jail, he says he is the only member of the former police force serving time for crimes committed on behalf of South Africa's old order and maintains he acted on instructions from leaders who were never punished.

Apartheid Era Hit Squad Leader Seeks Forgiveness

AFRICANGLOBE - Apartheid police hit squad leader Eugene De Kock i using a public appeal for forgiveness as a ploy to get out of prison.De kock is asking for forgiveness from the family of ANC lawyer Bheki Mlangeni, whom he killed with a bomb in 1991,according to newspaper reports. Your forgiveness will mean a lot to me, but it can in no way wash away the pain I have caused," De Kock wrote in a letter, The Star reported on Tuesday.