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Ukraine And The Rebirth Of Fascism In Europe

AFRICANGLOBE - The violence on the streets of Ukraine is far more than an expression of popular anger against a government. Instead, it is merely the latest example of the rise of the most insidious form of fascism that Europe has seen since the fall of the Third Reich.

Europe In Ashes, Africa An Oasis: TV Show Puts Immigration In...

AFRICANGLOBE - The year is 2063. By now, all of Europe's volcanoes have come to life and erupted, spewing out thick plumes of ash into the atmosphere. Dense black clouds of dust envelop the murky sky, plunging the entire continent into total darkness. The whole of Europe lies in a pile of rubble. There is no sun here, the air is polluted, unbreathable, and chaos has descended -- to survive, one must flee south, to the only place where the sun continues to shine: Africa.

Europe’s Meat Waste Ends Up On African Menus

AFRICANGLOBE - A total of 42 million kilograms of European meat waste were exported to African countries in 2012. Parts of the birds that can't be sold easily in Europe, such as the innards, are shipped to Africa. Africans are sold the "Chicken Back" which is the bony back part from which the breast has been removed.

Africa In 2064 – An Afrocentric Future

AFRICANGLOBE - It is 2064 and the sun shines over the Mediterranean. African Union drones fly in the blue skies and automatically drop life buoys onto the waters below, where Greek workers, fleeing a country of unemployment and financial meltdown – the fifth Greek default on its loans since 2012, with no further bailout in sight – struggle to stay afloat after their boat sank into the lifeless sea.

Europe’s Rising Neo-Fascism, A Taste Of What’s To Come

AFRICANGLOBE - American political dysfunction looks pretty bad — but just take a look at what’s going on across the Atlantic in Europe. A poisonous wave of right-wing, neo-fascist parties is emerging in response to the continent’s ongoing austerity and hugely ineffectual policy response to the resulting jobs crisis.

Lampedusa Migrant Deaths: The Real Face of the European Union

AFRICANGLOBE - Horrific images of hundreds of drowned African refugees off the coast of the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa reveal the real face of the European Union. Twenty-one years after the signing of the Treaty of Maastricht, the project of European unification under White capitalism has turned into a nightmare in every respect.

Europe Bans Stolen Oil From Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Parliament is set to stop the purchase of stolen oil from Nigeria in Europe. Any crude oil meant to be sold in the European market is now to be accompanied with a certificate of origin.

Why Europe’s Africans Choose to Come to Britain

AFRICANGLOBE - "There are more opportunities in Britain", says Gulaid, a Norwegian-Somali barber shop owner from Streatham. The land of opportunity? You might be forgiven for raising an eyebrow or two with unemployment high and with the threat of a triple-dip recession looming. It seems surprising that Britain is still a draw for some.

A Brief History Of Black People In Europe

AFRICANGLOBE - It is generally known that Black people have been residing in European countries since the early colonial times. But even before the 15th century and during Roman times, a time when skin colour still wasn’t a racist stigma but just another physical feature, Black people lived in Europe. Remains of a man with African features were found in England recently, dating his life back to the 13th century. Read this article for more info.

Black European Nobility Hidden Away

AFRICANGLOBE - Black nobility in Europe? According to Black Dutch researcher Egmond Codfried and author of the book "Belle van Zuylen's forgotten grandmother" there was Black nobility in Europe, but there history and images were later carefully tucked away. His claims are controversial, and of course not accepted by European historians and the man in the street. But there is overwhelming proof.

The EU and Africa – From Eurafrique to Afro-Europa

AFRICANGLOBE - A valuable collection of essays sheds light on the complex relationship between Africa and the European Union. Seldom do continents share such a deep-rooted, instantly recognisable, and often paternalistic and exploitative relations as Europe and Africa. Yet despite these associations, surprisingly little has been written on the contemporary ties between Africa and Europe.

Europe and the Racialisation of African Football

AFRICANGLOBE - In football, world football often means European football and the winner of the UEFA Champions League trophy is often described as the best club team in the world. Despite the remarkable performance of African players on the "international" scene, the recialisation of footballers from the continent continues unabated.

The Middle East Today Is The Europe Yesterday

AFRICANGLOBE - Mark Twain once said that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Today, Twain’s comment can be seen in how the echoes of Europe’s past are reverberating through the Middle East’s present. While those involved in the region’s current bout of extended political tumult and armed chaos are somewhat indigenous in origin, the issues and themes are familiar to any student of European history.

Mauritius Looking Both East and West

AFRICANGLOBE - Companies in Mauritius' dominant economic sectors – tourism, agribusiness and textiles – need to find new markets outside of Europe. The country's planners are crafting a more conducive business environment that will allow Mauritius to profit from links to new trading partners in Africa and Asia.

A Major Shift In the Global Economy

In the run-up to the American presidential election of 2008, significant sections of the U.S. population took the decision to back Obama in the...

African Official Wary of Economic Ties With Europe

Former Tanzanian president Benjamin Mkapa on Wednesday likened the European Union's Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) as a poisoned chalice and the second scramble for...