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African Intellectuals Caution Govt’s on Signing EPAs With Europe

The signing of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) must be based on Africa's integration priorities and not dictated by Europe's interests, a continental forum heard...

What Does the Rise of the Far Right Means for Africans...

Francois Hollande's victory in France's recent Presidential election may have dampened the focus on the stubborn rise in support for France's far-right Front National...

From Berlin To Brussels – Will Europe Succeed In Underdeveloping Africa...

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is in trouble. Its future is once again on the table, and it is Europe that holds the ace. Unlike the Berlin Conference of 1884 to 1885 which balkanized Africa among 13 European powers as guaranteed sources of raw materials and market, the current contraption under the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) spearheaded from Brussels is the modern day equivalent of the Berlin Conference.

Europe No Paradise for African Migrants

AFRICANGLOBE - Some manage to live a decent life in Europe, but many African immigrants become disillusioned. Jean N, called Jeannot by friends, is a Cameroonian migrant who has been living in Europe for 15 years. Before settling in Belgium nine years ago, he had tried his luck in Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

Black Children’s Lives Short and Cheap in U.S.

Poverty is closer to the norm in the United States than most Americans realize. “More than half of Americans earn $26,000 a year – barely above the poverty level of $22,000 a year.” Yet the U.S. spends 50 percent more per person on health care than Europe, with deplorable results, especially for Black children.