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Thousands Of Africans Being Held Captive In Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the beginning of 2009 thousands of refugees from the Horn of Africa have been abducted and held for ransom in the Sinai desert. They include men, women, children and infants fleeing from desperate circumstances in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan. An estimated 95% are from Eritrea.

Europe Bans Stolen Oil From Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Parliament is set to stop the purchase of stolen oil from Nigeria in Europe. Any crude oil meant to be sold in the European market is now to be accompanied with a certificate of origin.

European Union Attempting to Muscle In On African Markets

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Parliament has set a deadline of early 2014 for countries in southern Africa to open up their markets. Failure to comply could mean they are no longer able to export duty-free to the European Union.