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The Good Muslim Arabs Of Libya Are Enslaving Blacks And Selling...

AFRICANGLOBE - Slavery is thriving in Libya, where thousands of Africans hoping to get to Europe instead find themselves bought and sold, forced to work for nothing, and facing torture at the hands of their owners.

Europe In Decline As Good Leaders In Short Supply

AFRICANGLOBE - The rapid rise of the European public opinion in support of the radical right parties in France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Denmark and Norway is an alarm bell whose thunderous chime will be no less menacing than terrorists’ bombs and the flood of immigrants.

Migrant Haters Of Europe, You Might Want To Run And Hide,...

AFRICANGLOBE - Europe's population is steadily shrinking. And with data from the UN suggesting migrants be the answer, it might be a good idea to treat them well. Listening to British and other European right-wing politicians, you might think migrants are the plague.

We Are No Longer A Colony, Uganda Tells EU Envoys

AFRICANGLOBE - “Uganda is not their colony anymore and therefore, we do not hold elections for their satisfaction,” Mr Ofwono Opondo, the government Media Centre director, said in an interview Monday. A government spokesperson said on Monday that the country’s electoral laws have been improved over time and can deliver a credible election despite misgivings by EU envoys, opposition politicians and the civil society.

Gambia Expels European Diplomat

AFRICANGLOBE - The government of Gambia has expelled the European Union's top diplomat in the West African state, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday, but gave no further details. Agnès Guillaud, the European Union's chargée d'affaires in Banjul, who is acting in place of an ambassador, was asked to leave Gambia within 72 hours, according to the statement, which was read on Gambia national TV.

Africa Is About To Launch A Cairo-To-Cape Town Free Trade Area...

AFRICANGLOBE - The world is just about to get a free trade area that's bigger, by population, than either the European Union or NAFTA. It's got nothing to do with the much-publicised Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). In fact, you've probably never heard of it.

Petition Calls On Europe To Let White South Africans Return

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Union needs to admit white South Africans as they face ethnic cleansing, according to a petition circulating online on Sunday. "The white South African population currently faces ethnic cleansing and persecutions at the hands of the ANC government, the EFF, and various individual anti-white aggressors," according to Rodrigo Herhaus de Campos, who says in the petition, posted on the website change.org.

Zimbabwe: The Many Faces Of Western Regime Change Agenda

AFRICANGLOBE - The US and some of its Western allies orchestrated the assassination of the revolutionary leader Patrice Lumumba. Furthermore, the military overthrow of Ghana’s leader Kwame Nkrumah in 1966 had Western imprints all over. In fact the list of Western interventions across the world, especially that of the US is endless.

Libya’s Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni Under Pressure From Army

AFRICANGLOBE - Libya's official Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni on Tuesday criticized the United States, Britain and European Union for failing to supply arms to his forces as they battle those of a rival government.

Zimbabwe: Europe Renews Illegal Sanctions On Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE - The white supremacist European Union yesterday renewed for another year its illegal sanctions on President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe, a development analysts said destroyed the confidence that was beginning to develop between Zimbabwe and the bloc.

EU Softens Up To Mugabe With Aid Resumption To Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Union has resumed development assistance to Zimbabwe. It is the first time the EU is providing financial aid to Zimbabwe since sanctions were imposed in 2002 as a result of Zimbabwe reclaiming its land from white settlers.

EU Resumes Direct Aid To Zimbabwe After A Decade Of Sanctions

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Union has given Zimbabwe 234 million euros ($267 million), it said on Monday, the first time the bloc has given financial aid to the southern African nation's government since imposing sanctions in 2002.

Will The Greek Elections Strengthen The Hands Of The Global South?

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week Greece elected into power the left-wing political party, Syriza, headed by Alexis Tsipras, who led the party to victory on an anti-austerity ticket, thus rattling financial markets by raising the spectre of a Greek exit from the Eurozone and snubbing the European Union (EU), European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund troika of lenders to Greece.

5 Reasons Why 2015 May Be A Very Unhappy New Year...

AFRICANGLOBE - After a difficult 2014, the countries of the European Union shouldn't expect relief in the new year. Another challenging 12 months lie ahead as they face external threats, internal dissent and an economy that’s going nowhere. Here’s a glance at what to look out for in 2015:

Gambia Slams Europe Pressure On Anti-Homosexuality Law

AFRICANGLOBE - Gambia says it will sever all dialogue with the European Union should the 28-nation bloc use its aid budget to pile pressure on the West African country to overturn a new law against homosexuality. On Sunday, Gambian Foreign Minister Bala Garba Jahumpa said the country’s President Yahya Jammeh would not allow foreign countries to use aid as a lever to impose policies on the Banjul government.

EU Sanctions Cost Zimbabwe $100 Billion In Revenue

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe lost more than $100 billion in potential revenue from exports and tourism due to sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU), a Cabinet minister has claimed. The EU slapped President Robert Mugabe and his inner circle with a travel embargo in 2002 for reclaiming the country's land from European settlers.