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Crawling Back: EU Lifts Trade Sanctions On Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Union (EU) yesterday lifted trade sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe 12 years ago on false allegations of human rights abuses. The latest move will see the 28 member bloc open up aid accounts to the Southern African country.

EU Trade Deal Will Likely Crush Industry In West Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - West African leaders are about to sign a free trade agreement with the European Union. The EU insists it will spur growth, but it’s more geared towards giving Europe access to the region’s 300 million consumers. It will make sure West Africa develops just enough to buy more stuff from Europe, but not enough to do any manufacturing of its own.

South Sudan: Split Over Western Support For Rebels

AFRICANGLOBE - The South Sudanese government is sharply divided over the level of involvement of Western countries in the current conflict, amid claims some are providing support to rebels forces...

South Sudan Says European Union Sanctions “Unfair”

AFRICANGLOBE - “It is unjustifiable and unfair for the European Union council to sanction a commander of an army division for carrying out constitutional mandate. This is not right,” defence minister Kuol Manyang Juuk said in an interview on Sunday.

Britain Admits To Lying About Seizing Illicit Assets From Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE - Former South African president Thabo Mbeki, revealed that Britain had “frozen” non-existent assets and that the then British prime minister, Tony Blair, had in 2000 exerted pressure on South Africa in a bid to establish a military base to attack Zimbabwe and depose President Mugabe.

EU Teaches West Africa How To Cheat, Plunder, Bully And Fish...

AFRICANGLOBE - If ever you doubted that putting the European Union in charge of environmental issues is a bit like inviting the Taliban to run Miss World, consider this story by Richard North about the characteristic blend of bullying, incompetence, corruption, greed, high-handedness, dishonesty and ineffectuality with which the EU is policing the fishing grounds of West Africa.

The Current Phase Of Imperialist War Drive In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the militarist policies of the United States and the European Union (EU) is the growing intervention of these former colonial and currently neo-colonial states in the internal affairs of the African continent. Since 2008, both the US and EU member countries have been heavily involved in the region under the guise of fighting a so-called “war on terrorism.”

African Leaders Join Nigeria To Reject European Economic Agreement

AFRICANGLOBE - African Ministers of Trade and experts in trade and regional integration have aligned with Nigeria's position on the trade liberalisation deal with the European Union under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), saying it will have a long-term negative impact on the continent's efforts towards industrialisation and job creation.

Cooperation, Africa’s Path To Prosperity

AFRICANGLOBE - Every two or three years, African heads of state travel to a foreign capital to be wooed by one or another of the major powers jockeying for position on the continent. China has been among the more prominent organizers of these “Africa summits,” while Japan, India, Turkey, Brazil and the European Union have all held their own versions. In August, President Obama will join the fray when he invites 47 African leaders to talks on trade and security in Washington.

European Union To Invest $38bn In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Union (EU) says it will invest €28 billion ($38 billion) in Africa over a period of three years, as it plans to strengthen economic development and trade relations on the continent.

Gathering In Brussels Undermines African Unity

AFRICANGLOBE - The EU-Africa Summit on April 2-3 in Brussels was not attended by several key African leaders from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi and Eritrea. The European Union bypassed guidelines set down by a leading organ of the African Union, the Peace and Security Council, in convening and carrying out the summit.

South Africa Joins Other African Countries In Boycotting EU-Africa Summit

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa has come out in support of the African Union call to shun the European Union-Africa Summit in Brussels this week. The countries are of the view that European Union is dictating the composition of Africa's delegation.

Rift Widens Between Africa And Europe

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Union yesterday made a plea to African governments not to boycott next week's EU-Africa Summit in Brussels, Belgium. EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell'Ariccia said a lot had been invested in preparing for the Summit of 64 Heads of State and Government.

Ukraine: The New Cold War Is Heating Up

AFRICANGLOBE - Some Western Europeans say, jokingly, that at least winter is almost over, and if “Putin shuts off the gas,” they will not have to be cold for long. But as the Ukrainian crisis amplifies, European laughter will be short lived.If the European Union had not been a doormat for Washington’s neocons to wipe their feet on, the crisis in Ukraine would not have been engineered.

Who Is The European Union Trying To Fool?

AFRICANGLOBE - We are not going to be deceived by the EU’s insult to Zimbabwe through the British colonial trick of divide and rule. To start with, there was never any legal basis for the sanctions, which were imposed unilaterally without the blessings of the full UN process. We call these silly old tricks because the bloc is clearly trying to drive a wedge between the President and the security structures.

Africa Stands Up To Europe’s Bully Tactics

AFRICANGLOBE - It simply defies logic why the West has continued to expose itself so badly in its bid to isolate President Mugabe and play archaic politics of divide and rule, which no longer have a place even in the chaotic scheme of international politics.