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Forget The Lie That Africans Sold Other Africans Into Slavery

AFRICANGLOBE - Could Slavery have been the result of the barbaric invasion of Africa by the so-called missionary Europeans, or civilizing Europeans, in the same way that freedom-fighting-regime-change-terrorists in the Levant have forced so many into refugee status?

African Union Slams ‘Slave’ Remark By Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - The African Union Commission has expressed dismay at the comments made by Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini at a recent conference in Vienna at which he compared African immigrants to slaves.

African Researchers to Link Via High-Speed Intranet

A plan to link up African researchers via a high-speed computer intranet finally has substantial backing, following a cash commitment from the European Union (EU). The EU has put forward 14.75 million (around US$21 million) to help build the high-capacity regional intranet, for academic and research institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.