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South African Exports to Africa On the Increase

With the continued gloomy outlook in eurozone countries and a slowdown in growth in a number of developing economies, a rapidly growing Africa holds...

Mali to Get First Gold Refinery In $58m Deal

Swiss Bullion Company and Malian enterprise PAMBC have announced plans to build Mali’s first gold refinery, in a project to cost $58 million. Details of...

World Bank Warns Rwanda On Economic Growth

The World Bank has warned that Rwanda's economic growth could be hurt by external risks like low commodity and mineral prices; and the Euro...

Nigeria and Egypt Sign Trade Deal

Nigeria and Egypt have signed trade and investment deals to boost their relationship, a statement from the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) said. The memorandum...

Could Africa Become World’s Next Manufacturing Hub?

With domestic labor costs rising, many Asian manufacturing producers are now looking to relocate their factories in other regions of the world. Could Africa...

Ethiopia Shoe Factory Widens Footprint of China in Africa

The Huajian factory in EthiopiaA steady drone of machines hum as workers assemble shoes in a Chinese-built industrial park outside Addis Ababa, the first...

Rwandan Economy On “Faster Growth Path”

Despite a lukewarm global economic outlook caused by the Euro Zone debt crisis, Rwanda's economy will grow within the 7.7% range this year, powered...

Zambia Records Another Trade Surplus

Zambia has recorded a trade surplus for March 2012 valued at K79.6 billion representing an increase of about 68.1 per cent from K47.4 billion...

Africa’s Emerging Energy Giants May Have Transparency On Their Side

Among the extractive industry stakeholders who gathered in the Sussex countryside last month to discuss transparency were representatives of some of the world's leading...

Ethiopia Rising

About three hours south of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, lays a sprawling, 120-hectare field planted with hundreds of thousands of grape vines in...

South Sudan-kenya Pipeline Set to Transform Structure of Oil Industry in...

When South Sudan became independent in July last year, there was no apparent urgency for Juba to immediately embark on development of an alternative oil export pipeline to the Eastern African coast. It was expected at that time that mutual economic interests between it and Khartoum would drive the two countries to cooperate and continue production of oil and transit it through Port Sudan for exports.

Africa: Trade Barriers Imperil Food Security

The heaps of groundnuts, rapoko, millet and maize displayed for sale by the side of the Rovuma River in Namiranga are evidence of the fertility of Africa's soil. But people in this small town on the Mozambique-Tanzania border struggle to pay for food. The area has been affected by droughts, believed to be worsening as a result of climate change, for the past four years. Namiranga, 3,700 km (2,300 miles) from Mozambique's capital, Maputo, is largely cut off from basic services and supplies.

Analysing the Two Sudans’ Oil Dispute

Six months after the secession of the Republic of South Sudan from Sudan, the two countries have still not been able to resolve a number of important outstanding issues. Prominent among these issues is the lack of agreement on the South's use of the oil infrastructure in the North. With the South having seceded with about 75 per cent of Sudan's oil wealth and the crucial role that the commodity plays in Sudan's national revenue, negotiations for an oil deal are key for the two countries. As such, mediating the oil crisis has become one of the major pre-occupations of the Thabo Mbeki-led African Union's High-level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) on the outstanding issues between the two countries.

South Sudan Threatens to Cut Oil Supply Through Northern Pipeline

South Sudan accused Khartoum of trying to charge too much for use of the northern pipeline and said it might shut it down, signalling a further rise in tension as both sides argue over dividing oil revenues. The south took 75 percent of the country’s oil production of 500 000 barrels of oil when it became independent on July 9.

Kenya Eyes Billions in Gold Revenue From Narok Mines

Kenya will issue its first ever gold mining lease in October, opening the way for commercial exploitation of the precious metal whose price has peaked in recent weeks after turbulence rocked global financial markets.

Nigeria Now the Worlds Second largest Crude Exporter Behind Saudi Arabia

Nigeria has been ranked above Iran as the second largest crude oil exporter in the world after Saudi Arabia. The ranking was contained in a report released by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in its 2010 report published recently.