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Ezell Ford Autopsy Report: Four Unanswered Questions

AGRICANGLOBE - "The killing of Ezell Ford has been ruled a homicide by the coroner, and the bullet wounds in his back give strong indication that he could not have been resisting the officers,”

Autopsy Of Ezell Ford Shows LAPD Shot Him In Back

AFRICANGLOBE - The autopsy stated that the shot to Ezell Ford's back and another to his abdomen were fatal. The wound on his back revealed a muzzle imprint from the gun, suggesting the shot was fired at close range.

Hundreds Rally In L.A. To Protest LAPD Shooting Of Ezell Ford

AFRICANGLOBE - “I’m sick and tired of the police killing our people off,” said Nicole Tinson, who wore a shirt that read “Unapologetically Black.” “It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Tinson said. “A man who holds his hands up is surrendering himself. You can’t go shoot someone already down.”

Ezell Ford, Another Unarmed Black Man Is Slaughtered By Police

AFRICANGLOBE - While the country is still reeling from the news and aftermath of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, KTLA is reporting that a 25-year-old man was shot and killed in Los Angeles while lying on the ground. Ezell Ford, 25, was only blocks from his South Los Angeles home when officers stopped him. Police claim that it was an “investigative stop” but have not stated why Ford was being investigated.