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Video Games Are Not To Blame For Mass Shootings White Homes...

AFRICANGLOBE - Another summer in America and another mass shooting has occurred. The are no bright points to this besides there wasn’t a school shooting since school wasn’t open across the country yet and the loss of life wasn’t greater. People died in the El Paso and Dayton shootings over the weekend of 8/3 and 8/4. The thing is, we’re already going through the motions of a mass shooting in America.

The African Union Is Close To Being Useless Says Malema

AFRICANGLOBE - Julius Malema, leader of South Africa’s opposition Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF, says the African Union, AU, as it stands currently was close to useless.Malema said only continental unity and a radical shakeup and brutally frank brotherliness will take it out of the current predicament. “The African Union (consists) of brothers who do each other favours…

Five Facts About The Democratic Republic Of Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - The second largest country in Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo is blessed with oil, timber, diamonds and gold but cursed with violence, instability, graft and poverty. Here are five facts about DRC following the outcome of talks to defuse its latest crisis:

10 Things They Never Told You About Africa – Must Read

AFRICANGLOBE - There are too many negative facts about the African continent floating around the Internet, so here's an attempt to increase the number of positive writings on the continent. Let your perceptions be changed!