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Google, Facebook Purge Alleged “Fake News” Sites

AFRICANGLOBE - Under increased scrutiny for supporting the spread of false and misleading news, Google and Facebook are taking steps to purge networks of several hundred fake news sites. On Wednesday, Google announced it had reviewed some 550 sites since its policy changes, permanently banning nearly 200 published sites and temporarily cutting off another 140 sites from the company ad dollar source.

Fake News – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - “Fake news” is the term of the day. The President would disagree with me but, in my mind, there is no such thing as “fake news”! News is described in the dictionary as “new information about recent happenings”. When you discuss, or tweet, things that never happened, you are not talking about news. When you create scenarios, suggest imaginary situations or make ridiculous statements, you are not reporting the news. It appears as though any reports that question or disagrees with what the current President says, or believes, is “fake news”!

Obama Quietly Signs Propaganda Act To Counter ‘Fake News’

AFRICANGLOBE - Fake news and propaganda driven by government’s and corporations is of course, nothing new. The political elite want to crack down on what they view is fake news — which essentially amounts to pretty much anything that they disagree with or what doesn’t fit with their own world view and the outcomes desired. Long, hard, fought-for civil liberties and rights, along with free expression will be handed to organisations, approved by government who are convinced we shouldn’t have those rights in the first place.

Silencing The Truth? Mainstream Media Declares War On Alternative Media

AFRICANGLOBE - The mainstream media is exposed. They lost control of the narrative. The alternative media is growing with an array of independent news organizations, websites, bloggers, citizen journalists and a public that is sick and tired of the lies who just want the truth. If they were to manage to censor the alternative media which will be difficult to do, there will be other ways to inform the public. Remember the printing press? Then again, the MSM will be in a full-blown panic as their newspaper sales continue to plummet. Viewership for the MSM on basic television and cable has declined dramatically thanks to the internet.

Notorious Propaganda Outlets To Decide What Is ‘Fake News’ On Facebook

AFRICANGLOBE - Facebook’s News Feed will defer to third parties such as ABC and Washington Post to more closely police for hoaxes and fake news posts. The preliminary list of fact-checkers published online includes news corporations and agencies such as AP, ABC News, and the Washington Post.

Black People And Fake News – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Most news reports have always been fake, or at least, lacking in factual content. The idiotic idea that “fake news” just began with Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Donald Trump is laughable. It is easy to fake news stories in the United States because Americans love less information. They want their news in bits. They prefer the sound bite over the documentary. They enjoy news that is quick, fast and easy and hate to have to read more than a paragraph, news they can listen to for only a minute or two and broadcast news that lasts shorter than the Viagra commercials that follow it!

Facebook Cracks Down On ‘Fake News’

AFRICANGLOBE - Facebook is taking new measures to curb the spread of "fake news" on its huge and influential social network. It will focus on the “worst of the worst” offenders and partner with outside fact-checkers and news organizations to sort honest news reports from alleged made-up stories that play to people’s passions and preconceived notions.