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‘I’m Black And I’m Proud!’

AFRICANGLOBE - In our neck of the woods, Black consciousness lay quietly dormant until one Sunday night in the 1960s during The Ed Sullivan Show. James Brown told us in no uncertain terms we were Black and were to be extremely PROUD of it. During that three-minute performance, we went from being colored to being Black quicker than JB could lickety-split.

Apartheid-Era Doctor Who Made Germs To Kill Africans Found Guilty Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Apartheid-era doctor Wouter Basson, a cardiologist, was the project officer of Project Coast, a secret biological and chemical warfare research project which aimed to develop germs that could kill Africans only.

A Plea For Help: Missing Mother of Three Found Dead, Suspect...

AFRICANGLOBE - The search for a missing mother of three has ended in tragedy. The death of Rosaline (Rhonda) Lee has rocked the community around Lake Terry near Pontiac, Michigan and leaves the family with more questions than answers.

NY Police Kills Unarmed Black Teen in His Own Home

Residents and family members are outraged and asking questions about the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Ramarley Graham in the Wakefield section of the...

Prisoners Die in Hunger Strike Related Incidents CDCR Withholds Information From...

According to reports from prisoners who were housed in surrounding cells and who witnessed the deaths, guards did not come to the assistance of one of the prisoners at Pelican Bay or to Blanchard, and in the case of the Pelican Bay prisoner – whose name is being withheld for the moment – apparently guards deliberately ignored his cries for help for several hours before finally going to his cell, at which point he was already dead.