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Millions At Risk From Famine Worsened By Muslim Terrorists Boko Haram

AFRICANGLOBE - Aid agencies must get food to close to 3 million people by July to avert a famine in Africa's Lake Chad region caused by drought, chronic poverty and Islamist insurgents Boko Haram, the United Nations said as it launched a funding appeal.

Turning Ethiopia’s Desert Green

AFRICANGLOBE - A generation ago Ethiopia's Tigray province was stricken by a famine that shocked the world. Today, as Chris Haslam reports, local people are using ancient techniques to turn part of the desert green.

The Scientist Who Became One of the World’s Most Influential Persons

A dedicated career scientist, Dr. Monty Jones did not expect to become a global phenomenon.  Yet, with his perseverance and commitment to finding a...

Slow But Steady Steps to Recovery for Somalia’s Capital

Surveying Somalia's war-torn and dangerous capital from his office, the commander of the African Union force here Fred Mugisha is optimistic: "98 percent of Mogadishu is free." Assessments are relative. That day a double explosion hit the city: hand grenades were hurled close to UN offices, and another blast killed at least six people near a camp for the thousands displaced by drought and famine.

Islamic Terrorist Al-shabab Moves Famine Victims Back to Their Homes

Reports from Baidoa and Hudur towns say that al Shabaab, the Islamic terrorist group that opposes the policies of the Somali Government, has started moving people affected by famine back to their homes. Raising fears among Somalis that people trapped in al-Shabab territory will be forced to starve to death .

AU Fundraiser Nets $350 Million for Drought Relief

The African Union says a donors conference in Addis Ababa Thursday raised more than $350 million in cash for Horn of Africa drought relief.

A 'Heartbreaking' Visit, UN Relief Chief Urges Safe Passage for Aid...

On a one-day visit to Mogadishu, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos toured Banadir Hospital - one of just four locations in the war-wracked city where children suffering from acute malnutrition are being treated.

Islamic Terrorists Preventing Assistance to Somalia's Famine Victims

While an estimated 12.4 million people linger on the brink of starvation in the Great Horn of Africa, U.S. officials and world relief agencies said Monday that even in a "best case scenario" the crisis will worsen as the areas in most desperate need remain cut off from access to relief.

Eleven Million At Risk in Horn of Africa

The United Nations and humanitarian workers report that food insecurity is now at emergency levels across the Horn of Africa, affecting Kenya, Ethiopia and especially south Somalia, with 11 million people in dire need of emergency assistance due in part to a major prolonged drought.