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Burger King And McDonald’s Pay Fast Food Workers $20 An Hour...

AFRICANGLOBE - Imagine a world where fast food workers can pay their rent and utility bills, plus buy their children food and clothes. Well, you don't have to imagine it because such a place exists. It's called Denmark.

More Than A Third Of Oakland’s Fast Food Workers Can’t Afford...

AFRICANGLOBE - There is a growing movement to raise the wages of fast food workers, with the rallying cry of $15 an hour. The protests come in the backdrop of a national push for a higher minimum wage, but are focused on one of America's largest low-wage industries.

What Exactly Is A Living Wage

AFRICANGLOBE - Workers at fast food restaurants recently demonstrated outside their places of work, highlighting the low wages they receive and demanding more. They say twice as much, or $15 an hour, will provide them with a living wage.