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Will The Greek Elections Strengthen The Hands Of The Global South?

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week Greece elected into power the left-wing political party, Syriza, headed by Alexis Tsipras, who led the party to victory on an anti-austerity ticket, thus rattling financial markets by raising the spectre of a Greek exit from the Eurozone and snubbing the European Union (EU), European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund troika of lenders to Greece.

Zimbabwe Financial Services Secure From External Shocks

AFRICANGLOBE - The financial services sector in Zimbabwe has not been directly affected by movements in United States financial markets due to its limited exposure, a local economic consultant said last week.

Kenya Eyes Billions in Gold Revenue From Narok Mines

Kenya will issue its first ever gold mining lease in October, opening the way for commercial exploitation of the precious metal whose price has peaked in recent weeks after turbulence rocked global financial markets.