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Mali: Al-Qaeda’s New Homeland

AFRICANGLOBE - Al Qaeda has a new refuge: the deserts of Northern Mali. As jihadists pour into the country, this report captures how harsh Islamist control has led to a food crisis and the exodus of half a million people.

We Are on the Brink of Another Global Food Crisis

At the start of July, a record global harvest was predicted. Yet just a few weeks later, prices for maize and soybeans broke the...

World Bank Lauds Rwanda On Food Security

The World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development, Rachel Kyte, said Rwanda put in place the right measures to ensure a food secure population. "This is one of the countries where you can see the impact of investment made after the 2008 food crisis," Kyte said Sunday during a news conference at the World Bank office in Kigali after her three-day visit during which she toured various projects funded by the bank across the country. She added that the government's response was to ensure that any future food crisis will not have direct impact on Rwanda.