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Paula Deen Tweets Racist Photo With Son In ‘Brownface,’

AFRICANGLOBE - Paula Deen, former Food Network star and documented racist, has landed herself in hot water once again. On Tuesday morning, Deen's social media accounts sent out a now deleted tweet and Facebook post with a photo depicting the cook dressed as Lucille Ball's character from the 1950s television sitcom "I Love Lucy." Her son, Bobby Deen, is dressed as the show's Ricky Ricardo, played by Cuban-American Desi Arnaz. The younger Deen is wearing "brownface" to mimic Arnaz's ethnicity.

Does Being Latina Exclude Me From Being Black?

AFRICANGLOBE - Essentially, being Latina is my get out of jail card to so many things. Yes, I do have dark skin and curly hair but the Latina part, the part that has a last name ending in "z" and can speak two languages fluently, that person gets a pass.