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Falsely Accused of Rape, Brian Banks Signs with Pro-Football Team

Brian Banks, a one-time high school football star who was recently exonerated in a California rape case in which he was falsely accused, is...

Football Star Cleared Of Rape Headed To Seattle Seahawks?

Football star Brian Banks, whose rape conviction was overturned last month, has reportedly been invited to the Seattle Seahawks minicamp to train next week. Brian...

Football Star Cleared of Rape Might be Headed to the NFL

A former high school football star, whose rape conviction was thrown out last week, has been asked to tryout for an National Football League...

Football Star To Sue California Over False Rape Claim

Brian Banks, who spent six years in prison and had to register as a sex offender on false charges has said that he plans to sue the state of California after 24-year-old Wanetta Gibson recanted sexual assault accusation she made against him a decade ago.

International Broadcasters Open Up Space to African Sport

There is a growing interest globally among broadcasters for African sports and for African football in particular. Recently interviewed two directors of African Football...