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Foreign Companies Carving Up Africa For Food

The African land grabs began in earnest after the global food crisis peaked in 2008. The start of the Arab Spring was a wake-up call heard around the world - especially in the Gulf states and the Asian tiger economies with limited capacity to grow their own food. Corporations in these countries started acquiring terrain in Africa, the continent with the highest percentage of available arable land, as

Ethiopian Military-Run Corporation Seeks More Foreign Partners

AFRICANGLOBE - Metals & Engineering Corp., an Ethiopian military-run corporation, said it plans to partner with more foreign companies as it spearheads a government-drive to develop industries in Africa’s second-most populous nation. METEC, as it’s known, is already working with companies including Alstom SA, Europe’s second-largest power-equipment maker

Foreign Companies See Big Money-Making Opportunities in Africa

Drawn by the chance to make significant return on investment, foreign companies from the U.S. and Europe are flocking to countries in Africa looking for opportunities...