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Rising Terror In Africa: How Much Of A Factor Is Oil?

AFRICANGLOBE - What is perhaps more current is the rising state of terror in Africa coinciding with the boom in exploration of oil in Africa. Terror groups whether styled as Islamists, separatists, rebels or freedom fighters, are increasingly focusing on oil and in many cases seeking to control it.

Namibia: Africa’s Next Big Oil Frontier?

AFRICANGLOBE - Namibia has until recently been largely overlooked by the oil majors. A spate of farm-in agreements over the last six months suggests that this is changing. International oil companies are keen to secure a stake in the southern African country’s oil boom, should one materialise.

Foreign Oil Companies Invest US$2.4 Billion in Ethiopia

Nine oil exploring companies are currently exploring for oil in Ethiopia, investing a total of US$2.4 billion, the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines said on...

South Sudan Warns Oil Companies Over Illegal Deals With the North

South Sudan warned all foreign oil companies, the oil consortia and pipeline operators in the country not to cooperate with Sudan on crude oil-related matters, unless authorized. The directive was contained in a press release issued by the South Sudan's petroleum and mining ministry following reports of north Sudan's apparent intention to confiscate 23% of the south's entitlement oil allegedly as payment in kind for pipeline and transit fees.