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Ukraine Is ‘Biggest Crisis In Europe’ This Century

AFRICANGLOBE - The standoff between Ukraine and Russia is the "biggest crisis in Europe of the 21st century," British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Monday as Russia's foreign minister insisted that his nation's troops were needed in Crimea to protect Russian citizens.

Zimbabwe: Govt Scoffs at White Farmers’ Threats

The Zimbabwean government has dismissed as "empty", threats by a group of White former farmers who say they want to seize Zimbabwe's assets in...

White Farmers Lobby Europe to Keep Illegal Sanctions on Zimbabwe

There is renewed pressure on the European Union (EU) not to lift targeted restrictive sanctions against Robert Mugabe and other Zimbabweans, because of the...

South Africa and the U.K. Focus on Doubling Trade

South Africa and the UK are looking to increase economic and trade ties by focusing on exporting high-value-added goods to Britain, the Minister of...