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Saudis To Employ Two Million Ugandans

AFRICANGLOBE - The partnership between HAM Property and Saudi Arabia Manpower Services Company (Smasco) will take Ugandans to Saudi Arabia to work as nurses, drivers and housemaids on two-year contracts. According to the agreement, routine recruitment over an unspecified period will add up to two million Ugandans.

The Colour Of Slavery In Saudi Arabia

AFRICANGLOBE - The scene of the beaten and bloodied foreign workers in Riyadh, the vast majority of them Africans, recalls the graphic public beating of Alem Dechessa on the streets of Beirut in March 2012. Dechessa committed suicide shortly after, and her death brought to life - for the first time - mainstream attention to the enslavement of Ethiopian domestic workers not just in Lebanon, but throughout the Arab world.

Ethiopia Condemns Saudi Crackdown On Workers

AFRICANGLOBE - Saudi security forces on Saturday clashed with thousands of African migrant workers protesting a new labor law. Two people were killed and nearly 70 others injured after police opened fire to disperse protesters in the capital Riyadh. More than 500 protesters were also detained.

Luanda: Most Expensive City In The World

AFRICANGLOBE - Luanda, the capital of Angola is the world’s most expensive city for foreign workers, according to a study by US consulting firm, Mercer Group. A statement published this week on the company’s website says Luanda regained the top spot in an annual survey of the most expensive cities for expatriates, followed by Moscow (Russia) and Tokyo (Japan).