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Foreign Investment In Africa Up 5%

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in South Africa dropped by 43.6 percent during the first six months of 2012, a UN report shows, due to...

Somalia Gets First Female Foreign Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - Somalia's PM Abdi Farah Shirdon has on Sunday officially nominated his first cabinet ministers, after weeks of wide-extensive consultations with the president...

African Nations Call for Permanent Seat on U.N. Security Council

African ministers at the United Nations General Assembly has called for expanding the Security Council to include permanent representation for their continent and stressed...

Saudi Arabia Jails 1000 Female Pilgrims From Nigeria

About 1000 female Nigerian pilgrims are still detained by Saudi authorities even as the two countries are still involved in "high level diplomatic talks"...

Firestorm Over Robert Mugabe’s Comments About Jamaica

Jamaica House was last night yet to comment formally on unflattering comments attributed to President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe about Jamaican culture at a...

Why Nigerian Govt Resists Terrorist Label for Boko Haram

Nigeria's Ambassador to the United States, Prof. Ade Adefuye, yesterday, proffered reasons why Nigeria is against plans by Americans to classify Boko Haram as...

Foreign Investment in Nigeria’s Retail Sector Hits All-Time High

Foreign Investment in the Nigeria's retail sector has reached an all-time high, attracting about $1.3 billion(about N208 billion) in the last two years owing...

Foreign Oil Companies Invest US$2.4 Billion in Ethiopia

Nine oil exploring companies are currently exploring for oil in Ethiopia, investing a total of US$2.4 billion, the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines said on...

Sudan Sends Delegation to Uganda Amids Rising Tensions

A Sudanese parliamentary delegation is in Uganda to try to defuse tension between the two countries. A source at the Sudanese Embassy said that...

South Sudan, Ethiopia Sign Far Reaching MoU

South Sudan and Ethiopia yesterday signed eight memoranda of Understanding at New Sudan Palace in Juba. It was signed after five days of Joint...

Foreign Tourists Arrive in Abuja By Road

A group of adventurous tourists, who took it upon themselves to tour and explore the African continent on roads, have arrived the Federal Capital...

African Union – The Power To Resist Foreign Intervention (II)

AFRICANGLOBE - Of course we can also cite other very negative developments which took place in Africa during the period of the Cold War, where these developments must be attributed to administrations which the Soviet Union supported as progressive representatives of what was characterised as the 'non-capitalist path of development'. In this regard we can mention specifically the Sekou Toure administration in Guinea Conakry, and the Ethiopian 'Dergue', led by Mengistu Haile-Mariam.

Libyan Ambassador Expelled From Zimbabwe for Switching Sides

Libya's ambassador was expelled by Zimbabwe along with his staff on Tuesday for switching allegiance to Libya's ruling interim council, according to the Foreign Minister.

Zlitan: NATO's Libyan War Crimes Massacre and the Media Whiteout

Ask the NY Times' Foreign News Editor and Publisher why the Times has not assigned one of its correspondents to cover this reported massacre of Libyan civilians by NATO in Zliten, Libya. NATO has resolved to achieve Nicholas Sarkozy's determination for regime change --and to save his own re-election campaign in France-- at any cost.

Uganda and Ethiopia Sign Regional Security Deal

Ethiopia and Uganda have signed bilateral agreements to cooperate in regional security operations. The deal also seeks to strengthen economic ties while allowing for the free movement of people between the two countries.

Italy Demands Immediate End to Libyan War

The war in Libya has been extremely controversial for a number of NATO member nations, and US officials have taken to task a number of nations, including Germany and Poland, which outright refused to participate. But the opposition appears to be growing.