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Why Blacks And Native Americans Feel The American Flag Is Offensive

Francis Scott Key was a slave-owning racist lawyer from an old Maryland plantation family whose riches derived from the bounty of the slave industry. Key once stated that Africans in America were “a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.” It should be noted that Key died defending his belief that the institution of slavery should remain legal forever. Therefore, the National Anthem should not be acknowledged in any public American setting.

Africa Urged To Emulate Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe is on the verge of realising an economic growth which Africa had never known. African leaders have been challenged to adopt indigenisation and economic empowerment policies to enable their citizens to claim their stake in the continent and global village.

Pan-Africanism And The Quest For Black Power Today

AFRICANGLOBE - Afrika today stands plagued by Western imperialism and neo-colonialism, with her wealth routinely plundered and her countries politically and socially divided. Black people globally must unite and resist this, putting aside their petty cultural, political and ideological differences.

Commemorating African Independence

AFRICANGLOBE - The BBC recently confirmed that the battalion that led the march to liberate Paris comprised a significant number of African soldiers from present day Senegal. But because de Gaulle and Eisenhower did not think that it would be right to have Black faces associated with the liberation of l'Hexagone, he replaced them with White, mostly American soldiers to create the iconic pictures that we see today.

African Unity: Dream or Reality

AFRICANGLOBE - The Africa Union is 50 years old. Hurray! In the coming days, African leaders are expected to gather in Addis Ababa. Many of them will deliver speeches upon speeches, paying respect to the founding fathers of the organisation. We will be reminded of how our forefathers fought hard to overthrow criminal colonial regimes and established the Organisation of African Unity

In Search of Incorruptible African Leadership

AFRICANGLOBE - In the 21st century, whoever examines the leadership crises on the African continent seems to have a few questions which still remain unanswered: could there still be some incorruptible leaders out there which the continent must reach out to? If yes, why have they refused to step forward at a time when the African people need them most?