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Fox News Secretly Settles Sexual Harassment Case Against Super-Predator Bill O’Reilly

AFRICANGLOBE - Juliet Huddy, a former Fox on-air personality, alleged that O’Reilly “pursued a sexual relationship with her” in 2011. “When she rebuffed his advances, he tried to derail her career,” the letter said. “He invited her to his house on Long Island, tried to kiss her, took her to dinner and the theater, and after asking her to return a key to his hotel room, appeared at the door in his boxer shorts.”

Liberal NBC Hires Longtime Racist Megyn Kelly

AFRICANGLOBE - Megyn Kelly, the Fox News stalwart who once reported that both Jesus and Santa are verifiably white, is leaving the network for a new role at supposedly liberal NBC. Kelly has dedicated an inordinate amount of time to propagating the made-up idea that New Black Panthers are a massive group of militants coming to upend good white peoples’ lives. Kelly once maligned a 15-year-old girl abused by a thug cop twice her size as “no saint.” She has tossed around words like “thug” to describe unarmed Black men who were murdered by police.

Silencing The Truth? Mainstream Media Declares War On Alternative Media

AFRICANGLOBE - The mainstream media is exposed. They lost control of the narrative. The alternative media is growing with an array of independent news organizations, websites, bloggers, citizen journalists and a public that is sick and tired of the lies who just want the truth. If they were to manage to censor the alternative media which will be difficult to do, there will be other ways to inform the public. Remember the printing press? Then again, the MSM will be in a full-blown panic as their newspaper sales continue to plummet. Viewership for the MSM on basic television and cable has declined dramatically thanks to the internet.

Racists Call For The Murder Of Blacks After Fox Reporter Makes...

AFRICANGLOBE - A video was taken of a protest in St. Paul, Minnesota, where it seems a Fox reporter is attempting to bait protesters. The video is little more than a hit piece, with a reporter who clearly does not care about the protesters or why they are there. Understandably, the protesters tell the reporter to leave, but he refuses. The confrontation becomes more and more heated as he shoves the microphone into the protester’s face. Here is the footage.

“War On Cops” Debunked: Police Killings At Lowest Level In Decades

AFRICANGLOBE - “War on police” is the new slogan, and no rhetoric is more theatrical than that of Sheriff David Clarke, who is making regular appearances on the infotainment channel. Fox News’ token friend is suggesting there is an epidemic of police killings spurred by Obama’s war on police.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Suggests Black Lives Matter Movement Is Hate Group

AFRICANGLOBE - White supremacist TV personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck suggested that the Black Lives Matter movement is a hate group Monday, sparking outrage. While discussing a Minnesota protest, the "Fox and Friends" co-host asked a guest, "Kevin, why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified as a hate group? How much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?"

21 Signs You Might Be The ‘Real Racist’

AFRICANGLOBE - Systemic racism isn't just about the individual. But white people are often resistant to have a conversation calling the system that benefits them into question. So they may instead shut the whole thing down and suggest that anyone who forces them into this prickly position is a racist.

Stacey Dash’s Racist Remarks Hurting Republicans

AFRICANGLOBE - Fox News contributor and Republican as of 2012, actress Stacey Dash proves she really wasn't acting in the movie "Clueless." Appearing on Fox News' "Hannity" show, Dash called all Black people in Louisiana government freeloaders who don't work.

Dear Fox News: Please Stop Using Asians To Attack Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - Bill O’Reilly’s attempts to use the success of Asian Americans to shame African Americans is shameful and historically illiterate. Generations of Asian Americans did not endure the traumas, legacies, and residual effects of slavery, Jim Crow, and decades of racist housing policy. These are factors that O’Reilly mentions only as an aside, preferring to talk more about the importance of getting Black kids to “speak properly” and behave themselves in public.

Fox News Says Holder And Obama Have It Easy Because They’re...

AFRICANGLOBE - During this week’s broadcast of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace brought up Attorney General Eric Holder’s remarks before the National Action Network on Wednesday. During the event, Holder implicated that race was a factor in the treatment he has received from Republicans in Washington. Wallace wanted to have a discussion about how big a factor race is in Washington, especially when it comes to how President Obama and Holder are treated.

Watch How Fox News Really Talks About Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Fox News has a stellar reputation for race-baiting and offensive rhetoric about race. Fox News may be the most blatant and shameless when it comes to harmful discussions about race, but to be fair, it is not alone.

‘Race War’ At Fox News

AFRICANGLOBE - Viewers who spent 2013 absorbed in Fox News might be under the impression that an all-out race war has erupted across the nation this year, thanks to the network’s coverage of everything from voter fraud to Santa Claus echoing one common theme: White folks are being victimized in Obama’s America,” an analysis of coverage on the network concluded.

Fox Airs Misleading Report On ‘Knockout Game’ Hate Crime Against Elderly...

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week, the Department of Justice filed hate crimes charges against 27-year-old white male Conrad Alvin Barrett for allegedly assaulting a 79-year-old Black man, knocking him to the ground and fracturing his jaw in two places. Police recovered video from the suspect in which he says he was looking for a Black victim, in order to test media reaction to the attack. Over the weekend, Fox News’ James Rosen filed a report on the incident that contained several misleading, or outright false, claims and significant factual omissions.

Would Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Pray Before A Black Jesus?

AFRICANGLOBE - Megyn Kelly's matter of fact assertion that Jesus and Santa Claus "must of course" both be "White" is a perfect fit for a public that believes that "there is a war on Christmas" and a Black communist, socialist, fascist named Barack Obama is President of the United States. Such beliefs are the gravity holding together the intellectual constellation that is the Fox News Right-wing media universe and its public.

Santa’s Color: How A Fictional Character Represents Race In America

AFRICANGLOBE - Well this week I’ve been outdone by a Fox News anchor who emphatically stated not only that Jesus was White, but that Santa Claus is White too.

Race Matters: Don Lemon’s Open Letter to Russell Simmons

AFRICANGLOBE - Below is a transcript of a letter Russell Simmons wrote in response to comments Don Lemon made regarding what Black youth can do to change the quality of their experience in America. The video of Lemon’s earlier comments is also embedded below.