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France’s President Visits Black Man Who Was Raped And Beaten By...

AFRICANGLOBE - French President, Francois Hollande has gone to hospital to visit the man known as Theo who was raped and beaten by French police officers with a baton on 2nd February 2017. A spokesperson for the police said that 8 officers could have been killed during the second of three nights of violence the incident has sparked in the Paris suburbs.

A Fight Inside Gabon’s Kleptocratic Dynasty Exposes The Complicity Of French...

AFRICANGLOBE - Home to one of four French military bases in Africa, Gabon remains the ‘epicenter of Françafrique’ and the sphere of influence ‘par excellence’ where French businesses control more than 30 per cent of some market sectors. ‘Gabon has been like a drinking trough for the biggest French companies, who under Omar Bongo, have been behind unprecedented crimes, illicit agreements, abuse of public goods, and abuse of their dominant position,’ declared the head of Ali Bongo’s cabinet office Maixent Accrombessi.

Reparations Issue Clouds Hollande’s Haiti Trip

AFRICANGLOBE - French President Francois Hollande has become the country's second sitting president to visit Haiti. Despite the warm welcome from Haiti's President Michel Martelly on Monday, the relationship between the two nations is uneasy.

French Soldiers Sexually Abused Children In Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - The leaked report contains interviews with six children, who were sexually abused by French soldiers. Some indicated that several of their friends were also sexually assaulted. Young boys accused French soldiers of having raped and abused them “in exchange for food” or money.

France ‘Ready’ To Bomb Rebels On Libya Border

AFRICANGLOBE - France says it is ready to carry out strikes against fighters crossing out of Libya's southern border, and prevent the flow of weapons to groups fighting in Africa's lawless Sahel region.

France Consolidates Military Might Forces Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - In contemporary France, major fortunes, migrants' origins and attitudes to Africa have their roots in the imperial power dynamic. In 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy infamously described the continent in terms redolent of the colonial era, provoking widespread anger.

What’s Really Behind France’s Sudden Scramble To “Save Central Africa”

AFRICANGLOBE - The United Nations Security Council has announced sanctions against the Central African Republic (CAR) and has also given the French a big green light to use its military, as well as spearhead African Union forces in order to put down violence and restore “security, law and order” in the former French colony.

Africans Closer To Forming Intervention Force?

AFRICANGLOBE - African leaders have moved closer to the creation of a military force capable of intervening in crises like the one in the Central African Republic.

France Plots Assault On African Markets And Trade

AFRICANGLOBE - French President Francois Hollande reacted to being told France is in danger of missing the boat in Africa on Tuesday by challenging the nation's business leaders to double trade with the continent. Citing a report that meeting that goal over the next five years would generate 200,000 jobs in France, Hollande told a major conference of French and African business leaders: "That is our objective: France must double its trade with Africa."

Idiots Who Converted to Islam Butchers Man in London Street

AFRICANGLOBE - Two men with butcher knives hacked another to death Wednesday near a London military barracks and one then went on video to explain the crime

Two Injured as Car Bomb Targets French Embassy In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - French President Francois Hollande wants Libya to explain how the French embassy in Tripoli was the scene of a car bomb attack on Tuesday which left two French security guards injured, one seriously.

French Soldier Killed In Northern Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - A French soldier has been killed while fighting terrorists in northern Mali's mountainous Iforhas region, Francois Hollande, France's president, has said. The dead serviceman was identified as Staff Sergeant Harold Vormezeele, a commando with the Second Foreign Parachute Regiment, an elite unit of the French Foreign Legion.

Arab Aggression ‘Threatening Mali’s Very Existence’ – Hollande

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali’s defenses have deteriorated against the Arab terrorists who have already captured a large portion of the country. On Thursday, the Islamists seized control of Konna, a small village that stood as a military barrier for almost a year against the advancing terrorists.

Terrorist Groups Setting Up in Northern Mali

There is a risk of "terrorist" groups setting up in the deserts of northern Mali, French President Francois Hollande warned on Monday, after talks...

What Does the Rise of the Far Right Means for Africans...

Francois Hollande's victory in France's recent Presidential election may have dampened the focus on the stubborn rise in support for France's far-right Front National...