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In The Presence Of My Enemies – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Don’t be scared of your enemies. If you live clean and let your works be seen your enemies won’t be able to kill you, hurt you or stop you! When your enemies try to cut you off, shut you down, destroy your marriages and relationships, get you fired, try to put you out of business, success is always the best revenge!

Baltimore’s New Plantations: Race, Police And How Little Have Changed Since...

AFRICANGLOBE - Where the plantation’s police—the overseer, the slave patrols—did their damnedest to wrest every last ounce of labor from the slave, today’s police keep watch over the unemployed or semi-employed. In the West Baltimore neighborhood where Freddie Gray—whose death while in police custody sparked the riots—grew up, one in four juveniles is arrested and the unemployment rate is 58 percent. The plantation’s police extracted labor; the city’s police preside over its disposal.

The Outlaw Columnist – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Most people you know have a Facebook profile or a Twitter account but how many of your friends, family members and neighbors read Black publications or support Black broadcast programs? If you don’t know, social media companies censor posts that tell the truth about the Black experience in America.

It’s Time for Black People to Support Their Own

Fifty years ago, African-Americans could buy everything they wanted or needed from Black business people. Those businesses are still in Black neighborhoods but now are owned by Jews, Indians, Arabs, Cubans and others that exploit Black communities. Today there are more Chinese restaurants in Black communities than there are Black restaurants!

Frederick Douglass Takes His Rightful Place On Capitol Hill

AFRICANGLOBE - Frederick Douglass, the enslaved African-American turned abolitionist, believed in freedom and equality for “all of us", his great-great-granddaughter said Wednesday at the unveiling of a statue of Frederick Douglass in the Capitol.

America Needs a Truth Commission On Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - Today, America is simmering in racial injustice. Inner city ghettos cannot contain growing discontent. Mass incarceration has not made Black people disappear. Police harassment has increased racial tensions. Selecting a handful of Blacks for special treatment, while disregarding millions, has failed. Divide and conquer has run its course.

Michelle Obama Not Our First Black First Lady? 10 Fascinating Things...

AFRICANGLOBE - Jackie O, perhaps America's most emulated and admired First Lady, descended from a family known as the van Salee's, who were described as "mulatto" in the 17th century. This family traced its lineage in part to a Dutch mariner named Jan Jensen, who turned Turk (what some Europeans called "going native"), which was more popular than common history reveals.

Ever Wondered Why Black History Month is the Coldest and Shortest...

AFRICANGLOBE - Yes, February is the shortest month of the year. However, Kwanzaa runs from December 26 to January 1, and no sooner is it over, than we begin to think of Martin Luther King whose birthday is celebrated on the second Monday in January. And right after the King holiday, we begin to prepare for Black History Month. Therefore, the 64 days between December 26 and February 28, are, in reality, Black History Season.