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50 Years Ago, Students Fought For Black Rights During ‘Freedom Summer’

AFRICANGLOBE - This summer marks the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, a movement to open the polls to Blacks in Mississippi and end White supremacy in the state.

Mississippi GOP Playing Games With Black Votes

AFRICANGLOBE - Fifty years after the Freedom Summer, Black voters in Mississippi are expected to face challenges once again when they go to vote in the Republican Senate runoff between six-term incumbent Thad Cochran and Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel. In a state with perhaps the most complex and ugliest history of racism in the union, one that has become a symbol of all that is wrong and backwards with the United States, African Americans still have to worry when they show up to vote Tuesday, but it’s much more complicated this time.

The Important Role Of Armed Resistance In The Black Civil Rights...

AFRICANGLOBE - Ever since slaves were imported to Jamestown in 1619, armed self defense was an authentic part of the African American experience. I don’t just mean well-known rebellions like Nat Turner’s, but ordinary day to day. Almost every household I ever visited in the south had a hidden shotgun or pistol under the bed.