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France’s President Visits Black Man Who Was Raped And Beaten By...

AFRICANGLOBE - French President, Francois Hollande has gone to hospital to visit the man known as Theo who was raped and beaten by French police officers with a baton on 2nd February 2017. A spokesperson for the police said that 8 officers could have been killed during the second of three nights of violence the incident has sparked in the Paris suburbs.

Blacked Up French Police Officers Under Investigation

AFRICANGLOBE - French Police blackened their faces, wore afro wigs and ate bananas during a fancy dress party in France. Photos emerged this week on social media of the officers, from Kremlin-Bicetre who had blackened their faces with shoe polish for the bizarre event.

French Police Brutally Beats Black Woman Then Spray Tear Gas In...

AFRICANGLOBE - French prosecutors are investigating an incident of police brutality caught on video, where a police officer is seen repeatedly beating a Black woman with his baton and spraying her point-blank in the face with tear gas.

Life for Africans in France

Since becoming Interior Minister in 2005, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy regularly looked to the far right to find votes. For Louis-Georges Tin, president of...