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France Delivers First Batch Of Fighter Jets To Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt on Monday took delivery of three Rafale fighter jets from France, the first of 24 warplanes sold in a 5.2 billion euro ($5.6 billion) deal earlier this year. Egyptian authorities took charge of the planes at an air base in southern France, and they will be flown to Cairo by specially trained pilots.

French Soldiers Under Probe For Raping African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - France is investigating allegations that its "peacekeepers" sexually-abused children in the Central African Republic after a leaked UN report said victims as young as eight were raped in exchange for food and money.

French President Heads To Africa As Relations Turn “Traditional”

AFRICANGLOBE - French President Francois Hollande came to office promising to overhaul France’s relations with Africa to shun strongmen leaders and focus more on partnerships and human rights.

France, Japan Form Alliance Targeting Chinese Influence In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Paris and Tokyo agreed to set up a joint committee to discuss the development of military equipment and management of weapons exports. Japan is reportedly interested in particular in French military technology such as next-generation helicopters, submarine propulsion and underwater drones.

Two Injured as Car Bomb Targets French Embassy In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - French President Francois Hollande wants Libya to explain how the French embassy in Tripoli was the scene of a car bomb attack on Tuesday which left two French security guards injured, one seriously.

France Ramps Up Operations In Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - Thousands of French and African troops are on their way to Mali to push back an Islamist offensive. French forces continued airstrikes for the fifth day Tuesday (January 15th) against al-Qaeda-linked Islamists in Mali.

Arab Aggression ‘Threatening Mali’s Very Existence’ – Hollande

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali’s defenses have deteriorated against the Arab terrorists who have already captured a large portion of the country. On Thursday, the Islamists seized control of Konna, a small village that stood as a military barrier for almost a year against the advancing terrorists.