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Five-Year-Old African Girl Raped By French Soldier As Another Filmed It

AFRICANGLOBE - France has suspended two of its soldiers over allegations they sexually abused children, including a five-year-old girl, while operating in West Africa, the defence ministry has confirmed. The child is understood to have been attacked in the impoverished former French colony of Burkina Faso by two servicemen who were known to her parents.

UN Orders Probe Into Its Response To The Rape Of African...

AFRICANGLOBE - The UN has come under fire for failing to act after it prepared an initial 2014 report into child sexual abuse committed by soldiers from France between December 2013 and June 2014. UN officials documented cases in May and June 2014 of children as young as nine who were forced to perform oral sex in exchange for food from French troops at a camp for displaced people in the Central African Republic

French Soldiers Sexually Abused Children In Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - The leaked report contains interviews with six children, who were sexually abused by French soldiers. Some indicated that several of their friends were also sexually assaulted. Young boys accused French soldiers of having raped and abused them “in exchange for food” or money.

French Soldiers Under Probe For Raping African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - France is investigating allegations that its "peacekeepers" sexually-abused children in the Central African Republic after a leaked UN report said victims as young as eight were raped in exchange for food and money.

UN Report: French Soldiers Raped African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Some of the French soldiers alleged to have sexually abused children in Central African Republic while there on peacekeeping duties have been identified, a French judicial source said on Thursday. The matter came to light this week when Britain's Guardian newspaper said it had acquired a U.N. report that raised allegations of the rape of young boys by French troops.

France Deploys More Troops To Central African Republic

AFRICANGLOBE - France has announced plans to increase its 1,600-strong military deployment in the Central African Republic by sending an additional 400 soldiers, as political and sectarian unrest continues to tear apart the African country.

French War In Central African Republic Intensifies Humanitarian Crisis

AFRICANGLOBE - The history of France in the Central African Republic includes French support to the dictatorship of Jean-Bédel Bokassa, whom French imperialism ousted in the 1979 coup codenamed Operation Barracuda; the 2002 installation in Operation Boali of Bozizé, whom it defended with 2006 bombings aimed at Djotodia’s forces; and finally France’s latest swing behind the Seleka forces.

French Soldiers Given Suspended Sentences for Murdering Ivorian Man

AFRICANGLOBE - Three French soldiers who smothered a man to death with a plastic bag during a peacekeeping mission in Côte d'Ivoire were given...