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Michael Brown, Racism And America’s Open Casket

AFRICANGLOBE - The Michael Brown verdict is yet another reminder, if any was still needed, that racism was and always will be America's open casket through which Black suffering is on constant display. Once again, the nation and the world are numbed at the no-guilty verdict and the closing of America's moral casket on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of Michael Brown, a young Black teen whose body was riddled with America's bullets of racism and indifference to Black suffering.

After Burying Michael Brown, How Do We Protect Our Sons?

AFRICANGLOBE - The Black community in St. Louis said goodbye to one its own Monday. And although most of the mourners didn’t know Michael Brown, they came to pay their final respects because of how Michael Brown died. He was unarmed, shot six times by Darren Wilson, a White police officer from Ferguson, Missouri, and left lying facedown on dirty pavement for four hours.

Mourners Gather For The Funeral Of Michael Brown

AFRICANGLOBE - The body of Michael Brown lay in a black and gold casket topped with a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap on Monday as family, supporters and activists gathered for the funeral of the Black teenager slaughtered by a White police officer Darren Wilson.