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NAACP Endorses Gay Marriage

Most Blacks do not support gay marriageIn a move that some called disturbing, America's oldest civil rights group voted Saturday to endorse gay marriage. The Jewish...

What Gays, Biden and Obama Just Don’t Get About Gay Marriage!

All you need is Love; Love … Love is all you need! In the sixties it was a song of the times… flower power;...

Poll: Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance Could Hurt Him

A new poll released Monday night shows the possible political perils of President Obama's recent announcement that he supports same-sex marriage. Most of those polled say...

Black Voters do Not Agree With Obama on Gay Marriage

Like many Black Americans, Dorsey Jackson does not believe in gay marriage, but he wasn’t disillusioned when Barack Obama became the first president to...

Obama May Lose African-American Votes Over Gay Marriage – Allen West

Some African-Americans will think twice about voting for President Obama in November after he declared his support for gay marriage, according to Republican Rep....

A New Low: Jesse Jackson Likens Gay Marriage Push To Slavery...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Thursday praised President Obama's decision to support gay marriage, comparing the battle for such unions to the fight against slavery and anti-miscegenation laws intended to keep Blacks and other ethnicities from mingling and marrying with Whites.

N.C. Black Pastors Come Out in Support of Gay Marriage

  With only a few days remaining before North Carolinians vote on a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, the Rev. Earl C. Johnson...

Sharpton Says He Supports Gay Marriage – Where are Our Leaders...

Last, year, Black religious leaders were instrumental in defeating a bill that would legalize gay marriage in Maryland. This year, proponents of the bill...