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Ethiopia Selected Winner Of World Best Tourist Destination For 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia is selected the winner of World Best Tourist Destination for 2015 and receiver of the Favorite Cultural Destination Distinction for 2015 by the General Assembly of the European Council on Tourism and Trade(ECTT).

President Mugabe Takes Charge Of The African Union

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe recently assumed the chairmanship of the African Union when the 24th Ordinary Session of the General Assembly opened in Addis Ababa, despite spirited opposition from his and Zimbabwe’s traditional enemies.

Africa Comes Of Age, Respect Its Voice

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe’s elevation to the AU Bureau is a slap in the face for the European Union which had decided not to invite President Mugabe to a summit of the two continental blocs scheduled for Brussels in April.

‘Moral Monday’ in North Carolina Shows the Way for Others to...

AFRICANGLOBE - North Carolina — once poster child for the New South — now displays the nightmares spawned by the Tea Party right no longer restrained by the Voting Rights Act after the Supreme Court’s conservative gang of five disemboweled it in the Shelby case.

Starting a Business: Take the Initiative – Create Your Own Future

People are successful because they have made a clear, unequivocal do or die decision to be successful. People are unsuccessful because they have not...

President Mugabe Calls African Leaders “sellouts”

Presiden Robert Mugabe has described as “sellouts” those African countries that recognized Libya’s transitional government.

Ethiopia Calls for Long View on Sustainable Development in Horn of...

Ethiopia called today from the General Assembly not only for immediate aid to help the 13.3 million victims of drought and famine in Somalia and elsewhere in the Horn of Africa but also for the "even more crucial" means to achieve sustainable development in the region.

NAACP Vows to Fight NC’s Redrawn Political Maps

North Carolina's NAACP chapter says it will fight the General Assembly's plan to redraw legislative and congressional boundaries in court and within the Obama administration.