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Germany ‘Still Haunted’ By The Genocide Against Namibians

AFRICANGLOBE - Visiting President of the German Bundesrat Daniel Günther says his country is still haunted by the terror that Germans brought to the people of Namibia at the beginning of the 20th century, especially the crimes committed against the Ovaherero and Nama.

West Papua: The Genocide That The World Is Ignoring

AFRICANGLOBE - If you need evidence that politicians and the mainstream media pick and choose which oppressive conflicts to cover in order to further geopolitical ambitions, you need only Google “West Papua.” Ever heard of it? Have you ever been sitting at home watching CNN, BBC, or Fox News and heard the news anchor mention West Papua?

Germany’s First Genocide Was In Namibia

AFRICANGLOBE - It has become known as the first genocide of the 20th century: tens of thousands of men, women and children shot, starved, and tortured to death by German troops as they put down rebellious ethnic groups in what is now Namibia. Ideas and techniques that would play a key role in the Holocaust have some of their roots in German atrocities in colonial Africa, researchers argue.

Thousands Of African Skulls And Bones Are Still Being Held In...

AFRICANGLOBE - More than 1,000 skulls and bones belonging to East Africans and brought to Germany for racial "scientific" research during the colonial era are still in storage in Berlin, a media report said Tuesday. Public broadcaster ARD said it had obtained lists of the human remains that are still held by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which administers the capital's state museums.

Rwanda To Investigate French Officers Who Facilitated The 1994 Genocide

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda plans to ask French authorities to allow Kigali investigators to interrogate senior French officers and politicians in connection with the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi minority. Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo said Kigali is no longer interested in mending relations with its former European ally and will not tolerate what she described as “judicial harassment” from France.

Sudan: Al Bashir To Appoint PM For The First Time Since...

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is to appoint a prime minister, reinstating a post abolished after he came to power in a 1989 Islamist-backed coup, officials said on Wednesday. Bashir himself had abolished the post of premier after he led a bloodless coup almost three decades ago against then premier Sadiq al-Mahdi with the help of Islamist leader Hassan al-Turabi.

Namibians Furious After Germany Refuses To Pay Reparations For Genocide

AFRICANGLOBE - Namibians lashed out Friday at Germany for refusing to pay reparations for the genocide of their people a century ago, calling it a “phenomenal” insult to the victims’ descendants. Germany had not only apologised to the Jews for the Holocaust, but had also paid reparations, Rukoro said. “Because we have a different skin colour, the German government is saying to us: it’s only an apology and that’s it,”

Thug Cops Chastised On Social Media For Harassing Black Kids Riding...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Facebook Live video posted by an angry bystander in Delaware who witnessed a white cop stop and question three children has clocked up almost 3 million views and sparked yet another debate around racism in law enforcement. The heated video shows a police officer standing with three young boys, taking details of their names and dates of birth.

Europe’s Forgotten ‘Hitler’ Killed Over 10 Million Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - It seems that when you kill ten million Africans — you aren’t called ‘Hitler’, your name never comes to symbolize the living incarnation of evil, and your picture doesn’t produce fear, hatred, and sorrow — rather your crimes are simply swept under the historical rug and the victims of colonialism/imperialism remain forever voiceless.

Abortion: The Number One Killer Of Black Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - Since Roe v. Wade, more unborn, innocent African Americans have been killed from abortion than the combined deaths from police brutality, crime, AIDS and Cancer combined. Where are our rallies, protests, marches and vigils for the innocent unborn African American children who cannot fight for themselves? And while it seems far too easy for our people to make excuses for killing unborn children by saying “that’s their business“, “that’s between the woman and God” or even “it’s the woman’s body so it’s her choice“, a closer look at these excuses (and others) shows human irresponsibility, denial and the devaluing of human life at it’s very worse. So let’s tackle some of these weak excuses to see just how weak they are.

Forgotten Genocide: Namibia’s Quest For Reparations

AFRICANGLOBE - On July 8, Norbert Lammert, a heavyweight of Germany's Christian Democrat party, and president of the Bundestag, wrote a column in Die Zeit, stating that Germany perpetrated a "race war" and a "genocide" in Namibia.

Paul Kagame – How Long Can He Deny Rwandan Involvement in...

Questioned last week on the BBC's Hardtalk about the connection between Rwanda and the M23 rebel movement in eastern Congo, President Paul Kagame denied...

Bashir Threatens South Sudan With Extermination Rhetoric

Sudan's President and international fugitive Omar al-Bashir has begun using victimage rhetoric – calling for an extermination of South Sudan government officials in his...

Sudan’s President Bashir – the Belligerent Eye of a Perfect Storm

The vultures are circling around Sudan's President Omar Al-Bashir. He's faced problems before, of course, but a perfect storm of resistance and discontent brewing...

Aboriginal Righteous Anger

Australia’s aboriginals – her original people – were nearly wiped out by the invading British, starting in 1788. “Their lands were stolen, they were killed by new diseases, and even their children were taken from them as late as the 20th century.” A recent aboriginal demonstration frightened Australia’s prime minister, prompting accusations that the aboriginals were showing bad manners. But, “What are bad manners in comparison to genocide?”

Malawi Should Arrest Al-Bashir

Malawi should arrest Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir on an international war crimes warrant if he visits the country for a trade summit this week, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday.