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Systematic Racism Caused Flint Water Crisis – Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The horrific Flint water crisis where lead contaminated the majority-Black city’s water system in 2014 was the result of systemic racism, according to a recently released report from the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.

These Two Entrepreneurs Are Fighting Gentrification — One House At A...

AFRICANGLOBE - What does a real estate developer in Mississippi and a banker in New York City have in common? On the surface, nothing, but inside, both are gentrification fighters, having a burning desire to revitalize neighborhoods in Detroit, one house at a time.

Federal Judge Orders Water Delivery To Flint

AFRICANGLOBE - A federal judge has ordered state and local governments to provide home delivery of bottled water to the residents of Flint, Mich., as they continue to navigate a years-long crisis over lead-laced water.

Gentrification And The Death Of Black Communities

AFRICANGLOBE - There is no city in this country where Black people are safe from the current method of displacement known as “gentrification.” Washington, D.C. once had a majority Black population and was known as “Chocolate City.” Perhaps it is now the “Café au Lait City,” as the Black population has fallen below 50 percent. That dynamic gathers steam in New York and other cities and continues to push people out of their homes, deprive them of needed services and erode their quality of life.