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America Seen As A Global Threat According To Pew Survey

AFRICANGLOBE - Overall, only 25% of respondents were worried about U.S. power and influence in 2013, when Barack Obama was president. That rose to 38% in 2017 and now sits at 45%. In specific countries, the perception of the U.S. as a threat rose by increases of 30 percentage points in Germany, 29 points in France and 26 points in Brazil and Mexico. In 17 countries surveyed, people who had little or no confidence in Donald Trump were more likely to name U.S. power and influence as a top threat.

As Jamaica Signs Onto China’s Belt And Road Initiative, The US...

AFRICANGLOBE - As Jamaica signed on to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on April 11, a report to the American Congress entitled 'China's Engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean' sought to examine the implications of growing Chinese influence in the region.

How The African Continent Fell

AFRICANGLOBE - A detailed explanation of how the African continent went from being at the apex of civilization and wealth the being conquered by foreign barbarians, who sold its people into slavery and engineered the continent into a long period of backwardness, stagnation and humiliation.

Africa’s Emerging Global Geopolitical Role In 2017

AFRICANGLOBE - What is Africa’s emerging role in this new alignment of global power? What should African countries and the African Union do in the face of the emerging geopolitical reality? The African Union is entering 2017 with a GDP in PPP terms of over 7 trillion dollars, roughly equal to the GDP of India. This substantial GDP coupled with the billion plus population of the AU makes the AU the 4th largest economy in the world in PPP terms after China, the USA and India respectively. The emerging system of competing Great Powers gives African countries and the AU the strategic geo-economic maneuvering space to develop economic links which serve the economic and geopolitical self-interest of African countries and the AU.

Arab Countries Expanding Into Eritrea, And It’s No Good For Ethiopia...

AFRICANGLOBE - Qatar has taken the lead in destabilizing the Horn of Africa out of ideological and unipolar-loyalty reasons, and it’s using its “legal” presence in Eritrea to facilitate this. The War on Yemen provided the other main GCC states of Saudi Arabia and the UAE with a ‘plausible justification’ for also ‘getting in on the action’, knowing just as well as Qatar does that Eritrea is a ‘double-hinged’ state that can be used to simultaneously project maritime and continental influence, with the latter case being against Ethiopia.

Israel Completes Construction Of Listening Post In Eritrea

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel has completed the construction of its largest listening post in the Red Sea Basin in efforts to monitor the movement of the Arab coalition involved in the Yemen conflict according to reports.