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Troy Davis; Executing the Truth

The rejection of the clemency appeal of death row inmate Troy Davis by the Georgia Parole Board has set a new low for America's Biased criminal justice system. The denial of Mr. Davis’ appeal is a clear case of vengeance by a Board lacking courage to set the record straight.

Georgia Parole Board Hears Evidence of Troy Davis’s Innocence

Lawyers for Troy Davis presented evidence of his innocence Monday to the Georgia parole board, which is to decide whether the 42-year-old death row inmate is to be put to death by lethal injection September 21.

Georgia Parole Board Meets to Decide the Fate of Troy Davis

Atlanta, Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis, whose pending execution has attracted worldwide opposition, is set to be killed by lethal injection on Wednesday. A Georgia parole board meeting today is his last hope of clemency.