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France, Germany Send Troops To Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - France and Germany say they will deploy troops to Mali as part of a joint military brigade in the West African country. "France and Germany have decided to send elements of the Franco-German Brigade to Mali; the first deployment under the aegis of the EU and in an African location," said a joint statement issued on Wednesday.

Germany Plans To Expand Military Presence In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Germany's new defence minister said Sunday her country should engage more strongly in Africa by sending additional military trainers to Mali and supporting the French intervention in Central African Republic.

Zimbabwe’s Black Empowerment Minister Harassed, Detained In Nazi Germany

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere was detained Saturday morning at Munich International Airport in Germany after arriving on a flight from South Africa. Kasukuwere said he was held for three hours after arriving on Germany on his way to Poland to attend the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention.

Africa: The G20 and the Struggle for Global Influence

At a recent meeting of G20 think tanks in Beijing, participants noted that if the G20 countries wished to build on their collective success in the management of the global financial crisis, they needed to focus on global trade and finance reform - matters that cut to the core of global economic governance.

Namibia Gives Hero’s Welcome To Ancestral Remains From Germany

AFRICANGLOBE - Thousands of Namibia's ethnic Hereros and Namas gave an heroic welcome Tuesday to 20 skulls of their ancestors returned from Germany, where colonial authorities had taken them a century ago

German Hostility Triggers Demonstrations in Namibia

Ovaherero, Ovambanderu and the Nama people last Friday marched to the German embassy in Windhoek to express their dismay over the hostile reception given to the Namibian delegation that went toGermany to retrieve the skulls of the Namibian victims of the German colonial genocide.

Namibia to Collect the Remains of its Citizens Murdered During the...

The remains of men, women and children Murdered by the Second Reich and sent to germany for racial experiments will be finally sent back to their ancesteral home.

Namibia: Genocide And Germany’s Second Reich

AFRICANGLOBE - Thirty years before Adolf Hitler seized power as Germany's chancellor, German soldiers murdered up to 105,000 Herero and Namaqua in its Southwest Africa colony, now the state of Namibia.