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In Defence of the New A.U. Headquarters

It is interesting to see a new post-Cold War wrath against Africa accepting a gift of a building from a China that is on...

Your Child Is A Gift And Not A Pawn

AFRICANGLOBE - Fathers and mothers, please stop using your child or children as a pawn. When couples separate they sometimes tend to become emotional and the feelings they felt when they were creating their little bundle of joy are tossed out the window.

12 Reasons Why Africans Are Poor, Miserable And Pitiable (5)

AFRICANGLOBE - We said last week that the number four reason why we Africans are so down and almost out in almost all indices of human development is that we are great wasters of food, talents, treasure, time and human lives. We also promised that because of the critical importance of this factor (waste) in our overall underdevelopment, we will, this week, take a further look at other aspects of waste that we could not look at in detail last week.

Sudan President Shares African Plunder With Egypt

The shipment of livestock to Egypt comes in implementation of the recent directives of the President of the Republic Omer Al-Bashir who donated some 5000 cattles to Egypt.