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Egypt: Council Halts Man’s Attempt to Marry 14-Year-Old Girl

A unit that is dedicated to battling human trafficking in Egypt has succeeded to halt an attempt of having a 14-year-old girl married. The unit - that is part of the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood - made the young girl's father pledge he would not have his daughter married before she reaches the legal age.

Mali: Girl Whipped for Speaking to Men

A teenaged girl received 60 lashes in Timbuktu after Arab Islamist extremists who have taken control of northern Mali, convicted her of speaking to...

14-Year-Old Girl Shot By Muslims In Pakistan For Demanding Female Education

AFRICANGLOBE - Muslim gunmen have wounded a 14-year-old rights activist who has campaigned for girls' education in the Swat Valley in north-west Pakistan.

Orphaned Girl Becomes The Youngest Person To Attend University In Southern...

AFRICANGLOBE - She grew up in grinding poverty, losing both her parents at a tender age but 14-year-old whizz-kid Maud Chifamba has defied adversity and hardship to break academic records.

DNA Exonerates Chicago Man After 32 Years in Prison

A Chicago man who spent more than 30 years behind bars before DNA evidence helped overturn his conviction in the rape and killing of...

Darfur Woman Severely Beaten for Resisting Rape

A Darfur woman was severely beaten in Artala, Central Darfur after an attempted rape by a policeman affiliated with the Abu Tira militia failed. Witnesses...

Suspect in Colorado Hate Crime Has Neo-Nazi Tattoo

Police investigating a hate crime attack on an exchange student from Germany have released a sketch of the suspect in hopes of tracking him...

Police Search ‘6,000 Tons Of Rubbish’ To Find Missing Girl

U.S. Police will begin to search a landfill outside of Phoenix in hopes of finding the body of a missing 5-year-old girl. Officers will look...

Arab Militia Raping Children in Darfur

Three minor girls in Garsila and another in Kas were gang raped by government-backed Arab militia wearing military uniforms in two separate incidents on Sunday, sources in Darfur reported.

Pakistani Man Viciously Rapes Nigerian Child in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested a Pakistan man after catching him raping a screaming 13-year-old Nigerian girl inside his car under the cover of night.