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The Eugenics Agenda Is Moving Full Speed Ahead In Brazil

AFRICANGLOBE - The eugenics agenda is still working at full steam in present-day Brazil, and the debates about the construction of our racial identity – in which we are still crawling – collide with a wall of colonized minds that can still be seen through the eyes of their former masters.

Israel Hit By Race Riots After Ethiopian Jew Is Murdered By...

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel is currently being consumed by violent protests over the killing of an unarmed Ethiopian Israeli teen, leading to turned-over cars, burning tires, and even a few injuries. An off-duty police officer killed 19-year-old Solomon Tekah on Sunday after the bullet he shot at the ground allegedly bounced up and mortally wounded the teenager.

South Africans Angry At New IAAF Rules Targeting Caster Semenya

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africans reacted with dissatisfaction on Wednesday after the the Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissed an appeal by Olympic 800-metres champion Caster Semenya against the introduction of regulations to restrict testosterone levels in female athletes.

Brazil’s Greatest Writer Was A Black Man, But They Whitewashed His...

AFRICANGLOBE - “Machado de Assis was a Black man. Racism portrayed him as white.” These are the first phrases of the campaign created by Faculdade Zumbi dos Palmares (Zumbi dos Palmares College), in São Paulo, in partnership with the advertising agency Gray. The action, launched in April – in the month of Dia Mundial do Livro (World Book Day) – aims to highlight the Black identity of one of the greatest Brazilian writers and founder of the Academia Brasileira de Letras (Brazilian Academy of Letters).

Brazil’s Love Affair With The Confederacy Ignites Racial Tension

AFRICANGLOBE - Brazil has a long, strange relationship with the United States Confederacy. After the Civil War ended in 1865, ending slavery in the United States, some 8,000 to 10,000 Southern soldiers and their families left the vanquished Confederacy and went to Brazil. There, slavery was still legal. Roughly 40% of the nearly 11 million Africans forcibly brought across the Atlantic between 1517 and 1867 went to work on sugarcane plantations in Brazil. It was the last country in the Western Hemisphere to formally abolish slavery, in 1888 – 23 years after the United States.

Photos Of African Refugees Being Humiliated In Israel Causes Outrage

AFRICANGLOBE - The scene took place in Tel Aviv, Israel and began to circulate online two days later, causing outrage. In the photos, a bare-chested Black man has his hair grabbed and pulled by a white man who takes a photo of them both. “It was like he was saying to this person, ‘You are inferior to me, entertain me’”

FBI Chief Says White Supremacy Is A ‘Persistent, Pervasive Threat’

AFRICANGLOBE - FBI Director Christopher Wray said Thursday that white supremacy presents a “persistent” and “pervasive” threat to the United States, breaking from President Donald Trump, who has sidestepped questions of whether white nationalists present a growing problem.

Was Gandhi A Racist? YES! He Was Also A Pedophile

AFRICANGLOBE - "Gandhi believed in the Aryan brotherhood. This involved whites and Indians higher up than Africans on the civilised scale. To that extent he was a racist. To the extent that he wrote Africans out of history or was keen to join with whites in their subjugation he was a racist,"

Can’t Beat Em’? Ban Em’: More African Athletes Targeted By New...

AFRICANGLOBE - Plans to classify female athletes by their testosterone levels “contravene international human rights” says the United Nations Human Rights Council. Olympic 800m champion Castor Semenya, 28, is challenging the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) over its bid to restrict levels of testosterone in female runners. The UN called the plans “unnecessary, humiliating and harmful”.

John Bolton Says He Wants To Protect Africa From China, But...

AFRICANGLOBE - The “new” Africa policy, National Security Advisor Bolton suggested, is an adjusted U.S. strategy to “assist” African economic independence from the predatory designs of China and Russia. In reality it is the Trump administration taking the baton from the Obama administration in the new Scramble for Africa,