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Can Genetically Modified Crops Save Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - Glimmers of enthusiasm for GM in Africa are emerging from the embers of suspicion. Ethiopian farmers are planting GM cotton seeds in preparation for the rainy season in June this year. The development comes after the Ethiopian parliament gave the green light for the importation of GMOs into the country.

European Scientists Descend On Africa To Promote Genetically Modified Crops

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is expected to be the next target of GM food companies, as European scientists and policymakers travel to Ethiopia to boost the prospect of growing more of the controversial crops on the continent.

Why South Africa Has More Cars But Fewer Jobs

While local manufacturers report double-digit sales growth, component suppliers are shedding workers and unions are asking if government subsidies are being used effectively. South Africa...

General Motors to Pay Out for its Role in Apartheid

More than 20 apartheid victims represented by human rights group Khulumani will receive compensation from car manufacturing giant General Motors (GM) after a lawsuit...