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Bolt Secures Third World Sprint Sweep As Jamaica Wins Relay

AFRICANGLOBE - Usain Bolt secured a sweep of the sprint golds at a world championships for the third time when he helped Jamaica's relay team to a fourth successive 4x100 metres title on Saturday.

Caribbean’s First Gold Refinery Expected to Earn Billions

The Government of Suriname has embarked on a joint venture with the Kaloti Group of Dubai to establish the first gold refinery in the Caribbean. The refinery that is being built, is expected to start operating by next year and produce as much as US$2.77 billion worth of refined gold.

Angola Has Huge Amounts of Mineral Wealth – Official

Angola's subsoil offers a wide variety of minerals, such as precious metals (gold and platinoid), basic (iron, copper, chromium, nickel), industrial (phosphates, limestone and...

The Ethiopian Billionaire: Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi

Sheikh Al-Amoudi made his fortune in Saudi Arabia, but he remains intensely loyal to the country of his birth- Ethiopia. Mohammed Al-Amoudi is literally a...

Archaeologists Strike Gold in Ethiopia in a Quest to Find Queen...

A British excavation has struck archaeological gold with a discovery that may solve the mystery of where the Queen of Sheba of biblical legend...

AFDB Optimistic About Zimbabwe's Projected Economic Growth

The African Development Bank is optimistic about Zimbabwe's projected 7.8 percent economic growth rate saying growth is underpinned by increased mineral production, benefiting from favourable international commodity prices and expanding global commodity demand.