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Did Akon Really Perform In A Plastic Bubble To Avoid Getting...

AFRICANGLOBE - Ebola scaremongering knows no bounds, first there were reports of the virus creating "zombies", and now Akon has allegedly crowd-surfed in a bubble during a concert in Africa "to avoid contracting it".

UN Troops Goes On The Offensive In The Democratic Republic of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Renewed fighting has broken out around Goma, the capital of North Kivu province, close to the Democratic Republic of Congo's border with Rwanda. And UN peacekeepers are taking a more combative role as fighting escalates in the DR Congo.

Probe Into Civilian Deaths in DR Congo As Fighting Continues

Fighting is continuing between DR Congo national forces and the M23 rebels. MONUSCO forces continue to support the efforts of FARDC with all the means at its disposal. According to the Mission, during the fighting mortar shells fired from M23 positions landed in MONUSCO positions in Munigi village, injuring three Peacekeepers.

Renewed Fighting in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - After a three-week lull, heavy fighting has resumed outside Goma in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. M23 rebels and the DRC army blame each other for renewing hostilities. The battle began Wednesday night and continued into Thursday.

Eastern Congo Brace for UN-Rebel Clashes

AFRICANGLOBE - A UN ultimatum for armed groups around Goma, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC's) North Kivu Province, to disarm, expired on 1 August and a security zone has been set up around the city.

UN Mission Sets Up Security Zone in DR Congo, Gives Rebels...

AFRICANGLOBE - The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) announced today that will, for the first time, use its intervention brigade to enforce a security zone around the flashpoint city of Goma in the eastern part of the country, giving rebels 48 hours to disarm.

A Field Diary From Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

The conflicts in DR Congo have claimed nearly the same number of lives as having a 9/11 attack every single day for 360 days, the genocide that struck Rwanda in 1994, the ethnic cleansing that overwhelmed Bosnia in the mid-1990s, the genocide that took place in Darfur, the number of people killed in the great tsunami that struck Asia in 2004, and the number of people who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki--all combined and then doubled."

Congo Rebels Loot Central Bank in Goma

Congo rebels have looted the central bank in Goma after refusing to withdraw from the city they captured last week. M23 fighters surrounded the bank early...

Will DR Congo and Rwanda Go to War?

AFRICANGLOBE - If the city of Goma falls to the marauding M23 rebels, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda may go to war,...

Rebel Fighters in the DR Congo Enter Goma

A rebel group in the Democratic Republic of Congo seized strategic parts of the eastern, mineral-rich city of Goma today, and is reportedly moving...

Congo: Rebels Advance On Eastern Capital of Goma

United Nations peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) today continued to assist the national army to halt the advance of the...