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These African Tech Startups Set To Change The World

AFRICANGLOBE - The Global Disrupt 100 Index 2018 ranks this year’s 100 most innovative startups from across the world. The ventures were judged by global brands including Google, Uber and Oracle, as well as tech accelerators and renowned entrepreneurs.

Google, Facebook Purge Alleged “Fake News” Sites

AFRICANGLOBE - Under increased scrutiny for supporting the spread of false and misleading news, Google and Facebook are taking steps to purge networks of several hundred fake news sites. On Wednesday, Google announced it had reviewed some 550 sites since its policy changes, permanently banning nearly 200 published sites and temporarily cutting off another 140 sites from the company ad dollar source.

FBI Arrests Colorado Man Over Alleged Online Threats To Kill Police

AFRICANGLOBE - FBI agents arrested a Colorado man who allegedly posted online threats advocating the killing of police officers after investigators received a tip about one of the messages from Google

Black Mothers Are The Worst?

AFRICANGLOBE - If Google predicts its auto-completed search terms based on their popularity with users, one has to wonder just what exactly Black mothers have done to the world. When you Google the phrase "Black mothers are..." the first autopopulated result is

Why China And Russia Banned Google From Their Country? – Must...

AFRICANGLOBE - If your daughter is pregnant, Google will know it before you do. If your boyfriend has a STD Google will know it before you do. If a country is planning to build a new bridge or a railroad, Google knows about the project well before anyone else.

From COINTELPRO to Prism: Why the Government Spies On Minorities

AFRICANGLOBE - The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Counter Intelligence Program (“COINTELPRO”), established in 1956, represents one of the forbearers of PRISM. Though COINTELPRO targeted Whites and non-Whites, the program’s most controversial—and life-threatening—targeting focused on African Americans, or what the FBI categorized as “Black Nationalist Groups.”

Obama Administration to Back Spying Law for Social Media

AFRICANGLOBE - The Obama administration is close to announcing its support for a law that would force Google, Facebook and other Internet communications companies to build back doors for government wiretaps, according to an article in theNew York Times Wednesday.

Google Search Results ‘Show Racial Bias’

AFRICANGLOBE - Names typically associated with Black people are more likely to produce adverts related to criminal activity, according to the Harvard University paper. According to the research, names given primarily to Black babies - such as DeShawn, Darnell and Jermaine - are more likely than those associated with White babies to produce adverts with links to website which offer criminal record checks. A Google search for a name such as Tom Smith may bring up personalised public records, such as “Looking for Tom Smith”, or may be suggestive of an arrest record, such as “Tom Smith, arrested?”.

Google’s Boss Eric Schmidt Projects Kenya As Africa’s Tech Leader

AFRICANGLOBE - After a week’s visit to Africa that included meetings in Lagos and Nairobi, Executive Chairman and former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt has labelled Nairobi as the ‘maybe’ silicon valley of Africa. “Nairobi has emerged as a serious tech hub and may become the African leader, “Schmidt said on his Google+ post yesterday.

Google Maps Rwanda’s Tourism Attractions

The Rwanda Development Board in partnership with Google has conducted the mapping exercise of Rwanda's tourism attractions with the objective of increasing access to...