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Africa Loses $60 Billion A Year Illegally

AFRICANGLOBE - Companies and government officials are illegally moving as much as $60 billion out of Africa each year, according to a report released Sunday, depriving the world’s poorest continent of capital and tax revenue that could spur faster economic growth.

President Mugabe Fires More Cabinet Ministers

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Sunday decided to relieve seven more government officials of their posts. Mugabe's Chief Secretary, Misheck Sibanda, said the decision would take immediate effect.

Better Decision-Making For A Better Life

AFRICANGLOBE - Have you ever wondered why some people continue to make bad decisions? You see million-dollar celebrities doing it. You can see this action in government officials and business leaders. There are no discriminators. From the very rich to the poorest of the poor, we see people caught in a vicious cycle of bad decision making.

23 Dead In Bloody Fighting Between Arabs And Nubians In Aswan,...

AFRICANGLOBE - A bloody feud in Egypt's southern Aswan province between an Arab clan and a Nubian family has killed at least 23 people in two days of fighting, leaving bodies strewn on hospital floors and homes torched in its wake, government officials and witnesses said Saturday.

Israel Begins Expulsion Of African Refugees

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel has begun deporting African refugees from Sudan and Eritrea to Uganda, according to reports by an Israeli news outlets. Quoting senior government officials, Israeli media reported that over the past months dozens refugees had either left or agreed to leave Israel for Uganda.

Protests Grow in Sudan as Economy Crumbles

Sudan's President and international fugitive Omer Al-Bashir briefed on Monday Sudanese lawmakers about a series of structural reforms his government will undertake as part...

Nigeria Make Progress Tackling Boko Haram Terrorists

Nigerian police have prevented an attack on government officials by a member of the extremist anarchist group, Boko Haram, and arrested a terror mastermind. As...

Ethiopia's Nile Dam Now 46% Complete

With a view to obtaining first hand appraisal of the project, government officials and stakeholders spearheaded by Alemayehu Tegenu, Minister of MoWE, this week paid a field visit to the project site in the SNNP region.