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Massive Plunder of African Waters by Foreign Factory Ships

Activists from the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise today painted four floating fish factory trawlers with "PLUNDER!" The vessels Margiris, Franziska, Dirk Diederik and Willem...

Greenpeace Stops German Trawler Plundering African Waters

Activists onboard a Greenpeace ship have stopped the fishing activities of a massive German trawler by chaining an inflatable boat between the fishing net...

Europeans Continue to Plunder African Waters

On the bridge of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, it is not hard to see what the problem in West African waters is. On...

Greenpeace: Fisheries Decline Steeply as African Govt Fails to Act Against...

Millions of Senegalese depend on the fish caught off shore for their basic protein needs, but because the West Africans waters are becoming increasingly overfished by European and Asian trawlers. Many species, including Thiof - the traditional Senegalese delicacy - are now threatened with extinction.