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Africa: From Dependency To Growth And Development

AFRICANGLOBE - First and foremost, Africans and their leaders need to recognize that development is generated from within, not from without. However, development partners should extend to Africa a helping hand through untied and predictable aid

Donald Kaberuka: Planning For An Economically Successful Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Donald Kaberuka’s performance has been described by some as ‘flawless’. His endeavours to improve growth and development in many African countries have earned him much acclaim.

Rwanda Registers Fastest-Growing Economy in Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda's general economic environment was characterised by several upward and downward spirals that were nonetheless kept within control limits. Growth and development was normal, but most importantly, Rwanda maintained its position as a leading investment-friendly destination in Africa.

Transport ‘A Pillar of African Growth’

The African continent needs an efficient transport system to help it achieve its growth and development objectives, says South Africa's Transport Minister Ben Martins. "There...